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Sildenafil Is An Fda-approved Medication Used To Treat Erectile Dysfunction Problems In Men. After Being Introduced In 1998, Manforce 50 Mg Became The Most Popular Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction Issues. Manforce 50 Mg Is A Fast-acting Medication That Can Last Up To Four Hours. It Works Well For Men At Any Age, Regardless Of How Long The Patient Has Been Having Issues Getting And Maintaining An Erection.

Why Buy Manforce 50 Mg ?

• Low Prices. We Sell Prescription Medications At Low Prices. A Free Medical Consultation Is Included With Every Prescription.

• Total Privacy. Your Information Is Always Kept Strictly Confidential.

• Convenience. You Won’t Need To Wait In Long Lines At The Pharmacy, Because Your Medications Will Be Delivered Directly To Your Door.

• Authenticity. We Only Sell Authentic Manforce 50 Mg, Manufactured By Mankind Pharma At A Plant In The India.

How Manforce 50 Mg Treats Erectile Dysfunction Problems

Manforce 50 Mg Interferes With The Production Of A Hormone Called Pde5. It Relaxes The Blood Vessels Surrounding The Penis To Allow Increased Blood Flow During Sexual Arousal. When Using Manforce 50 Mg, Men Can Easily Get And Maintain A Hard Erection After Being Sexually Stimulated. You Will Only Get An Erection After Becoming Sexually Aroused And The Erection Will Go Away On Its Own. Even If You Have Been Having Erectile Dysfunction Problems For A Long Time, Manforce 50 Mg Will Start Working Right Away.

Erectile Dysfunction Is A Name Of Condition When Cgmp Enzyme Is Replaced By Another Enzyme Pde5 (Phosphodiesterase Type-5). Pde5 Enzyme Breaks Down Cgmp And Takes Its Place. Blood Flow Is Restricted By Pde5 Enzyme Leading To Causing Erection Problem In Men. Blood Is Essential For Erection Achievement. Manforce 50 Mg Inhibits Pde5 Enzyme, Enhancing Blood Flow To The Penile Area. Blood Filled Penile Region Makes It Easier For Men To Achieve Erection. Manforce 50 Mg Also Releases Cgmp In The Body As Without It Erection Is Impossible.

Who Can Use Manforce 50 Mg?

Manforce 50 Mg Is All For Men. Age Group Does Not Matter. Irrespective Of Age The Drug Is Prescribed To Men Suffering With Erectile Dysfunction.

Is Manforce 50 Mg For Women And Children Too?

No. Women And Children Come At Health Risks If Take This Medication At All. So, It Is Advised To Keep The Drug Away From Their Reach.

Why Manforce 50 Mg Is A Popular Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction Problems
Manforce 50 Mg Can Start Working Within 15 Minutes. It’s A Popular Treatment For Ed Issues Because It Has Been Scientifically Proven To Help Approximately 80% Of Men Experiencing Sexual Difficulty. It Was The First Fda-approved Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction Problems And It Has A Long History Of Success. Clinical Trials From Around The World Have Shown That Manforce 50 Mg Is An Effective Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction Issues. Each Dose Lasts Up To Four Hours And Some Men Can Get Multiple Erections From A Single Dose. Typically, Manforce 50 Mg Is Covered By Most Health Insurance Plans.

What Is The Consumption Procedure Of The Drug?

Manforce 50 Mg Is Suggested To Be Taken With Water. The Pill Is Swallowed As A Whole With Water. Other Solvents Should Be Avoided As The Drug Mixes Fast In The Bloodstream Only With Water. The Drug Should Be Taken 30 To 60 Minutes Before The Sexual Activity. More Than One Pill Should Not Be Taken In One Day.

Can Manforce 50 Mg Be Taken On Empty Stomach?
Yes, Absolutely. In Fact, It Is Preferable To Take It On Empty Stomach. Taking The Drug After Taking Food Can Delay Its Working.

How To Take Manforce 50 Mg

Manforce 50 Mg Works Best If It’s Taken Approximately One Hour Before Sexual Activity. To Get An Erection, You Will Need To Be Sexually Stimulated. Doctors Usually Recommend Taking 50 Mg Once Per Day, But The Dosage Can Be Decreased To 25 Mg Or Increased To 100 Mg If Needed. Do Not Take More Than One Dose Every 24 Hours. Manforce 50 Mg Cannot Be Taken At The Same Time As Other Medications Used To Treat Male Erectile Dysfunction Problems. You Should Not Take Manforce 50 Mg With A High-fat Meal, Because It Can Reduce The Effectiveness Of The Medication. Manforce 50 Mg Does Not Protect You From Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Manforce 50 Mg Precautions

Before You Start Taking Manforce 50 Mg, See Your Doctor To Discuss Your Medical History. Let Your Doctor Know If You Have High Blood Pressure, Kidney Damage, Liver Damage, Sickle Cell Anemia, Cancer, Bleeding Disorders, Myeloma, Or If Your Penis Has Anatomical Deformities. If You Are Buying Manforce 50 Mg Through Safegenericpharmacy, Be Sure To Include All Your Medical Information On The Consultation Form. If You Aren’t Sure If It’s Safe For You To Take Manforce 50 Mg, Make An Appointment With Your Doctor.

Manforce 50 Mg Contraindications :

You Cannot Take Manforce 50 Mg If You Take Nitric Oxide Donor Medications Like Nitroglycerin, Isosorbide, Dinitrate, Or Nitroprusside. Before Taking Manforce 50 Mg, Tell Your Doctor About All Your Prescription And Non-prescription Medications. If You Are Currently Taking Quinidine, Cimetidine, Antifungals, Niacin, Erythromycin, High Blood Pressure Medications, Or Medication Used To Treat An Hiv Infection, Do Not Start Taking Manforce 50 Mg.

Hymen Kit Price 6,000

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An Artificial Hymen Repair Kit Also Known As Artificial Virginity Kit (And Popularly Referred To As A “Chinese Hymen” Or “Fake Hymen”) Is A Type Of Prosthetic Membrane Created For The Purpose Of Simulating An Intact Human Hymen.

Since Hymens Can Be Broken Via Physical Activity Or Even By The Use Of A Tampon, Many Women Are Concerned About Restoring Their Virginity. Hymen Repair, Hymen Reconstruction, Hymen Surgery Or Revirgination Are All Terms That Refer To Hymenoplasty – Cosmetic Surgery That Restores The Female Hymen. While The Hymenoplasty Procedure Requires Admission To A Clinic And Can Cost Thousands Of Dollars, The Artificial Hymen Provides Much Cheaper And Convenient Way To Become A Virgin Again!

How It Works:

Insert The Artificial Hymen Into Your Vagina Carefully. It Will Expand A Little And Make You Feel Tight. When Your Lover Penetrates, It Will Ooze Out A Liquid That Appears Like Blood, Not Too Much But Just The Right Amount. Add In A Few Moans And Groans And You Will Pass Through Undetectable! It’s Easy To Use, Clinically Proven Non-toxic To Human And Has No Side Effects, No Pain To Use And No Allergic Reaction. Here Is Close Up Photo Of The Artificial Hymen

This Magical Capsule Is Especially Designed To Help Women Who Lost Their Virginity Become A Virgin Again.

How To Use:

Place The Capsule In Vagina (About 7-8 Cm) With The Whole Middle Finger 20 Minutes Before Intercourse.

1. Vagina Tightening
2. Virgin Bleeding Again
3. Bring You Back To The First Night
4. No Side-effect
5.noneed Hymen Surgery

Herbal Extracts Artificial Virgin Blood Capsule, No Need Surgery Hymen Capsule Artificial Hymen Blood Capsule

For Vaginal Use Only.
Do Not Put Tablet Into Urethra.
Do Not Use If Pregnant Or Nursing.
Do Not Use A Tampon While Using This Product.
Do Not Use If Menstruating.
Do Not Use This Product If You Have Fever Or Vaignal Pain; Consult With Your Physician.
Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children. Store In A Cool Dry Place.
Artificial Hymen Kit: Restore Your Virginity Just In 5 Minutes!!!’


This Product Is Not Suitable For Virgin And Pregnant!!!!

What Is Penagra?

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Penagra Contains Generic Sildenafil Citrate And Used To Treat Erection Dysfunctions. Its Helps Increasing Sexual Awakening And Desire. People Who Are Facing Low Sexual Pleasure Or Have Erection Problem, Penagra 100mg Is Best For Them. According To Previous Results And Reviews, Penagra 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate) Has Produced Amazing Result As Compare To Other Erection Tablets, It Have Active Generic Sildenafil Which Perform Big Role In Achieving Sexual Power And It Also Fix All Erection Dysfunction And Disorders. Herbal Planet Offers Only 100% Original And Guaranteed Penagra 100mg In Pakistan.

How Penagra Works?

Penengra 100mg Have Active Ingredient Of Sildenafil Citrate. Sildenafil Citrate Dissolves In Blood Makes Veins Muscles Relax And Let Blood Flow All In Body. Penagra Allows Blood To Run All In Your Body Which Increase The Sexual Heatlh And Gives Healthy And Strong Erection. Penagra Has Natural Biochemical Ingredient For Male Body Which Delivers Amazing Result Of Strong Erection And Pleasure.

How To Use Penagra?

Penagra 100mg Has High Ratio Of Sildenafil Which Boost Sex Awaking And Sexual Power In Body. Take 1 Tablet Of Penagra 30 Mints Before Having Sexual Activity. It’s Recommended To Take It With Meal. Don’t Take It With Alcohol And Don’t Exceed More Than 2 Pills In Less Than 24 Hours.

Benefits Of Penagra 100mg:

Penagra Is A Health Medicine And Has Been Given Amazing Advantages From Over 10 Years Some Are Written Below

Long Time Erection
Give Healthy And Long Erection
Increase Sexual Pleasure
Increase Sexual Stamina
Stop Early Or Premature Ejaculation

Is It Safe Medicine?

Penagra 100mg Is Safe For

Mental Health

Caution For Penagra:

There Are Some Cautions And Instructions For Using Penagra 100mg

Penagra Increase The Blood Flow In Body So You May Feel Dizzy, Drowsy Or Headache
Don’t Use Penagra With Alcohol
Don’t Take Penagra Empty Stomach
Don’t Take Penagra During Driving
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DiabaPlus Is An Innovative Advanced Product With Unique Blend Of Ayurvedic Herbs With Proven Efficacy In Diabetes For Diabetic Patients Manufactured By Altis Life Sciences, Research & Developed By Ccras (Central Council For Research In Ayurvedic Sciences), Approved & Certified By Ministry Of Ayush, Govt. Of India. Diaba Plus Has Wonderful Results, Thousands Of Patient Who Are Using Diaba Plus Living Healthier Life.

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This Formulation Of Herbs Is Invented To Give Relief To The People From Diabetes & Protect From Its Adverse Effects Of Chemically Formulated Drugs, This Works By Stimulating Beta Cells And Increasing Insulin Production In Human Body. The Synergistic Combination Of Five Vital Herbs & Its Constituent’s Decreases Peripheral Insulin Resistance And Delay Glucose Absorption From Intestines Also Keep Blood Glucose Levels On Target By Moving Glucose From The Blood Into Body Cells. This Magnificent Product Not Only Takes Care Of Diabetes But Also Prevent Long Term Complications Associated With Diabetes, Moringa Plus Capsules Will Help Recover From The Damages & Helpful To Treat Many Diseases.

Approved By The Department Of Ayurveda, Yoga And Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha And Homoeopathy (Ayush)
Researched & Marketing Responsibilities Given By National Research Development Corporation (Nrdc)

First Time In History Where All These Government Bodies Work Together Mere To Bring And Help People To Put Curb On Diabetes As The Numbers Of Diabetic People In India Is Increasing So Vastly.


Diaba Plus With Moringa Plus Caps. :
3 Bottle Pack, Each Bottle 180 Tablets, Total 540 Tablets

Moringa Plus Capsule- 60 Capsules For 1 Month (Price Value Rs 1500)

Course :-

3 Months

Usage Benefits

Statistical Significant Reduction In :
– Fasting Blood Sugar.
– Post Prandial Blood Sugar.
– Hba1c.
Exerts Anti-oxidant Action.
Clinical Improvement In Excessive Thirst, Hunger, Fatigue And Urination.

Using Process :

Two Tablets Thrice A Day, Half An Hour Before Meal.

Moringa Plus One Capsule Twice A Day Half An Hour Before Meal With Luke Warm Water.

Benefits Moringa Plus Is A Combination Of 9 Vital Herbs Which Is In Association With Diaba Plus, These Tablets Not Only Controls Blood Sugar Level But Also Takes Care Of 9 Major Complications Like Retinopathy, Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Coronary Heart Disease, High B.p., High Cholesterol, Skin Infections, Sexual Weakness And Strokes.

Working Process These Tablets Regenerate Beta Cells, Stimulate Insulin Production, Decreases Insulin Resistance, Delays Intestinal Absorption & Reduces Sugar Cravings.

Health Review: Green World Blueberry Eye Care Soft Gel Online in Pakistan

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Blueberry Eye Care Soft Gel From Green World Takes Its Main Ingredient From Blueberry Extract. Blueberry Extract Is The Most Effective Eye Care Substance Which Is Of Small Molecule And Easy To Be Absorbed By Human Body. Green World Products Are Well Known Around The World For Best Practice And Sound Efficacy You Can Depend On.

Characteristics And Benefits Blueberry Eye Care Soft Gel:

Improves Eyesight And Increases Visual Acuity
Provides The Eyes With All The Nutrients Neede And Improves Blood Circulation Of The Eyes;
Maintains Health Status Of Capillary Blood Vessels, Relieves Strain, Pain And Dryness Of Eyes;
Protects The Lentis, Prevents And Improves The Condition Of Eyes Disorders Such As The Falling Vision, Senile Glaucoma, Cataract, Presbyopia, Hemorrihage Of The Retina, Pseudomyopia, Amblyopia, Myopia, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa And Night Blindness Etc

Blueberry Eye Care Soft Gel Is Suitable For:

People Who Work Under Adverse Environment, I.e People Work In It Industry, White Collars Who Always Use Computer, Drivers, People Who Work Under Bright Or Dim Light, People Who Watchn Tv For Long Time.
People Who Need To Prevent Or Improve Eye Disorders
People, Who Need To Protect Their Eyes, Relive Asthenopia And Delay Eye Degeneration.

Ingredients: :

Blueberry Anthocyanin, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Phytoxanthin


100 Softgel Capsule

Buy Green Coffee In Pakistan

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The Easiest Way To Lose Weight Now Be Thinner Again Extremely Efficient Weight Loss Is The Green Coffee Number 1 Of Non-exercise Date Dating

Green Coffee Effects

100% Percent Organic Product

Body Fat Increase Natural Fat

Promote Metabolism

Hungry Control

No Food Restrictions Are Needed

Three Steps For A Great Body

Read The Instructions

Less Than Two Weeks Course

Follow The Diet

Green Coffee Expert Opinion

Green Coffee Is Definitely The Most Important Among The Recent Discoveries In The Field Of Nutrition. The Combination Of Caffeine And Cholorogic Acid, Which Is The Most Powerful Natural Fat Burner. Product Success Is An International Medical Test, Witnessing Safety And Performance, With A Wide Range Of Passes. Mansoor Khan, Md

Medical Study

In Green Coffee Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome And Obesity Magazine Has Published Research On Scientific Experiences And Its Effects Regarding The Famous Medical Journal’s Massachusetts University In October 2012. In This Study Conducted By The Americans, Scientists Picked Up The Following Fuels From Cholorogic Acid.

The First Thing Is That Chlororic Glucose And Body Fat Changes Into Energy

Secondly, Cholorogic Absorbs Sugar And Protects From Sugar Accumulating Fat. The Results Came From The Results

The Average Weight Of The Total Weight Reduces Weight (Up To 8kg)
Average Weight Loss Of Body Weight 16%
During This Research, Male And Female Participants Used To Drink Green Coffee 30 Minutes Before Each Meal. No Such Effects Were Found During This Research.

We Reduced Our Weight

Green Coffee Is A Revolutionary Fat Burning Product. Green Coffee, Accordingly, Reduces The Blood Glucose Level And Movement Of Fat Burning Process In The Human Body. Along With Hunger Leads To Decreasing Natural Weight

Beard Growth Essential Oil Enhance Facial Whiskers Nutrition Mustache New, Beard Repair Growth Solution.

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Active Ingredients :

Angelica Extract, Palm Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Hair Follicle Growth Hormone And So On Activation In “sleep” State Of Mao Nan Cell, Make Its Vitality, Enter The Active State Of Beard Growth.
After The Hair Follicle Cells Are Activated, The Rapid Proliferation Of The Beginning Of The Division, The Number Of Beard Increasing, The Length Of The Lengthening.
A Variety Of Nutrients Absorbed By Cells, Fully Nourish Beard, Beard Have Black, Supple, Full Texture. Beard Growth Environment Health, Not Only Can Protect Beard, Make Beard Growth Accelerated.
When The Painting, Brush Need Not Dip Too Much Liquid, With Too Much.
The Hands As Far As Possible To Avoid Smearing Other Parts.
The Children Avoid Touch, Can Not Eat
2 Times A Day, Insist On Using 1-2 Months


beard Growth Essential Oil


35 Ml Bottle


Approx.3.3*10.3 Cm

Package Size:

approx.3.9*3.7*10.5 Cm


about 96g (1cm=10mm=0.39inch)

Measurement Details In The Attached Picture.

This Oil Is Enriched With Multiple Natural Nourishing Ingredients That Infiltrate Into The Hair Follicle Roots, Repair & Activate The Dormant Hair Follicles, Increase Nutrient Absorption And Accelerate Hair Growth.
Applicability: Beards, Armpit Hair, Chest Hair, Pubic Hair And The Areas Required For Hair Growth.
Ingredients: Zingier Officialese Root Oik,junipers Virginians Oil,rosemarie Officialism Leaf Oil,vitamin E, Citrus Paradise Seed Oil.


After Bath Every Day, Apply Proper Amount Evenly And Fully Massage Until Absorption.


The Real Color Of The Item May Be Slightly Different From The Pictures Shown On Website Caused By Many Factors Such As Brightness Of Your Monitor And Light Brightness.
Package Included: 1 Pieces Beard Growth Essential Oil

Dr James Breast Enhancement Gel For Female

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Dr. James Breast Enhancement Gel. Contains Deep Penetrating Natural Liposomes That Firms, Strengthens And Add Volume To The Breast While Keeping The Skin Soft And Smooth. Unique Formulation Of Pueraria Mirifica And Ph Balance Nanotechnology Formulation For Instant Breast Firmness Known For Its Ability To Balance Female Hormones And Promote Breast Size And Firmness Safely And Naturally.

Benefits :

✔ Strenghtens & Add Volume
✔ Keeping Skin Soft & Smooth
✔ Instant Brest Firmness
✔ Balance Female Hormones & Promote Size

Country of Origin: UK

Buy IME-9 Tablets Online – Herbal Diabetes Medicine Of India

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Ime-9 Is A Researched Product Of The Central Council For Research In Ayurvedic Sciences (C.c.r.a.s.)

Approved By The Department Of Ayurveda, Yoga And Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha And Homoeopathy (Ayush)

Researched & Marketing Responsibilities Given By National Research Development Corporation (Nrdc)

Ime-9 :

3 Bottle Pack, Each Bottle 180 Tablets, Total 540 Tablets

Course : 3 Months

Usage Benefits:

Statistical Significant Redction In :
Fasting Blood Sugar.
Post Prandial Blood Sugar.
Exerts Anti-oxidant Action.
Clinical Improvement In Excessive Thirst, Hunger, Fatigue And Urination.

Using Process:

ime 9 :
Two Tablets Thrice A Day, Half An Hour Before Meal.

Benefits :

Ime-9 Tablets Not Only Controls Blood Sugar Level But Also Takes Care Of 9 Major Complications Like Retinopathy, Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Coronary Heart Disease, High B.p., High Cholesterol, Skin Infections, Sexual Weakness And Strokes.

Working Process:

These Tablets Regenerate Beta Cells, Stimulate Insulin Production, Decreases Insulin Resistance, Delays Intestinal Absorption & Reduces Sugar Cravings.

Other Ingredients :

Sodium Methylparaben, Sodium Propyl Paraben, Excipients Q.s.
Approx Wt. Of Each Tablet- 650mg

Clinically Tested
Highest Quality Herbs
Scientifically Proven

What Is Kick Balm?

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Kick Balm Is A Best Solution For The Muscles Power And Strength Of The Male Organ. It Is Made From The Most Powerful Aphrodisiac Herbs And Their Extracts. Its 100% Herbal/natural Successful Time Tested Formula That Increases Male Organ Naturally.

Disclaimer:results May Vary Between Individual,

What Will It Do For Me?

1,increases The Size Of Male Organ

2, Increases The Male Organ Thickness

3, Maintains Strong Erection

4, Helps Improve Power

5, Increases The Muscular Strength

6, Increases Virility & Fertility

Disclaimer:results May Vary Between Individual,

How It Works?

The Balm Provides Nutrition To Each Cell And Tissue Of The Male Organ, It Increases The Blood Flow Towards Penile Cells And Its Constructive Structure. Which Helps Penis Size To Increase And Make It Hard.

Disclaimer:results May Vary Between Individual,

What Are The Side Effects?

None! Because Its 100% Natural And Herbal Penis Enlargement Cream.

Disclaimer:results May Vary Between Individual,

What Else Are My Options?

1- Enlargement Pills: When You Pop A Pill, Its Very Risky As It Has Effect On Your Whole Body Not Only Penis And Can Damage Kidneys And Liver.

2- Surgical Procedure: There Are Instances That Surgery Can Cause Permanent Damage To The Erectile Function Of The Penis.

3- Enlargement Pumps: Pinpoint-sized Red Dots (Petechiae) This Is Caused By Bleeding Under The Surface Of The Skin Of The Penis. You May Also Feel Like Your Semen Is Trapped When You Ejaculate, Or Ejaculation Might Be Painful.

Disclaimer:results May Vary Between Individual,

How Can I Buy It Privately?

We Take Our Clients Privacy Very Seriously. Secrecy Of Our Clients Is Very Important To Us. We Never Share Your Information With Any One. We Always Deliver The Products Enclosed. The Best Thing Is; Only You Can Receive The Products.

Disclaimer:results May Vary Between Individual,