Deemark Diaba Plus

Original Deemark Diaba Plus – Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicine Approved By Ministry Of Ayush

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Diaba Plus Is An Innovative Advanced Product With Unique Blend Of Ayurvedic Herbs With Proven Efficacy In Diabetes For Diabetic Patients Manufactured By Altis Life Sciences, Research & Developed By Ccras (Central Council For Research In Ayurvedic Sciences), Approved & Certified By Ministry Of Ayush, Govt. Of India. Diaba Plus Has Wonderful Results, Thousands Of Patient Who Are Using Diaba Plus Living Healthier Life.

This Formulation Of Herbs Is Invented To Give Relief To The People From Diabetes & Protect From Its Adverse Effects Of Chemically Formulated Drugs, This Works By Stimulating Beta Cells And Increasing Insulin Production In Human Body. The Synergistic Combination Of Five Vital Herbs & Its Constituent’s Decreases Peripheral Insulin Resistance And Delay Glucose Absorption From Intestines Also Keep Blood Glucose Levels On Target By Moving Glucose From The Blood Into Body Cells. This Magnificent Product Not Only Takes Care Of Diabetes But Also Prevent Long Term Complications Associated With Diabetes, Moringa Plus Capsules Will Help Recover From The Damages & Helpful To Treat Many Diseases.

Approved By The Department Of Ayurveda, Yoga And Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha And Homoeopathy (Ayush)
Researched & Marketing Responsibilities Given By National Research Development Corporation (Nrdc)

First Time In History Where All These Government Bodies Work Together Mere To Bring And Help People To Put Curb On Diabetes As The Numbers Of Diabetic People In India Is Increasing So Vastly.


Diaba Plus With Moringa Plus Caps. :
3 Bottle Pack, Each Bottle 180 Tablets, Total 540 Tablets

Moringa Plus Capsule- 60 Capsules For 1 Month (Price Value Rs 1500)

Course :-

3 Months

Usage Benefits

Statistical Significant Reduction In :
– Fasting Blood Sugar.
– Post Prandial Blood Sugar.
– Hba1c.
Exerts Anti-oxidant Action.
Clinical Improvement In Excessive Thirst, Hunger, Fatigue And Urination.

Using Process :

Two Tablets Thrice A Day, Half An Hour Before Meal.

Moringa Plus One Capsule Twice A Day Half An Hour Before Meal With Luke Warm Water.

Benefits Moringa Plus Is A Combination Of 9 Vital Herbs Which Is In Association With Diaba Plus, These Tablets Not Only Controls Blood Sugar Level But Also Takes Care Of 9 Major Complications Like Retinopathy, Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Coronary Heart Disease, High B.p., High Cholesterol, Skin Infections, Sexual Weakness And Strokes.

Working Process These Tablets Regenerate Beta Cells, Stimulate Insulin Production, Decreases Insulin Resistance, Delays Intestinal Absorption & Reduces Sugar Cravings.


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